Fight Like A Girl! The Krav Maga Course For Women That Gets Results
When you read this page to the end you're going to discover exactly why you should learn real life self defence.
Hey my name is Sare Carpenter, and not too long ago I was just like you...
Let me tell you a quick story…

I've always been painfully shy and struggled with self confidence.  I’ve tried different martial arts in the past to build confidence and learn self defence and I enjoyed them loads.  

One day a friend and client of mine asked me to come and try krav maga with her, and loving to challenge myself, of course I said yes.
I thought I’d be pretty awesome at it because of my previous experience but the problem I had was I didn't know any real life self defence.

And that's when I had my big "ah-ha" moment...

I’d previously tried karate .

I even tried a boxing gym class, but that just plain sucked.

Then I tried martial arts, it worked a little better and I learned some cool looking patterns, but none of those things solved the problem of what to do if an attacker manages to get their hands around your throat.

And so when I finally tried krav maga. Guess what? I learned how to solve real life problems, and it blew my mind!!!
And that's when I realised I actually didn’t know any self defence at all!
For years I thought that martial arts were enough, and when I figured out that it wasn't true, and I learned to solve real world problems my self confidence grew so much.

The real problem in this industry is that there aren’t enough females out there empowering other females. With 1 in 3 women in NZ experiencing physical or sexual violence in their lifetime, I believe that ALL women should know at least the basics of krav maga.

Once I’d tried a class and understood the potential for women I knew I had to become an instructor so that I can spread these potentially life saving skills to women of all ages. I realised that krav maga enables me to:
- Fight off opponents twice my size
- Get a massive self confidence boost
- Master my stress response
- Focus my mindset
- Stay fit and healthy without spending hours in the gym
-And overcome my shyness, so much so that I actually love teaching group classes (which is something I’d always sworn I’d never do because I was so shy)

I didn't realise it when I started that not only does it simplify the process for learning real life self defence, but it also helps you develop a strong mindset, create healthy boundaries in your home and work life, and being confident in saying NO!

And that's why I created "Fight Like A Girl".

It took me 8 months of training almost full time to become an instructor and cost me thousands of dollars But it was totally worth it! 
And so I’ve taken all the best bits I’ve learned that are relevant to common attacks used against women and condensed it into a comprehensive 12 hour course that will teach you everything you need to know to get started.

It makes learning so much easier!

What took me months of full time learning, you can now get a good learning experience of, in just 12 hours.

In fact, here's just a sample of some of the benefits you'll get...

* Based on your bodies natural responses its super simple to learn so you can defend against people much bigger and stronger.

* Designed for every day people like you and me you don't have to be super fit or an athlete to become proficient.

* Based on a proven global self defence system you are always learning the latest tried and tested techniques.

* Get fitter and stronger so you can cancel your regular gym membership.

But, before you get started, let me ask you a question... 

Would you like to get started with "Fight Like A Girl"?

For less than $497 you can get access to everything inside of this Fight Like A Girl Course.

Now, while it would be impossible to show you ALL of the benefits of Fight Like A Girl, I want to show you some of the things that you'll experience as soon as you're on the inside.
• Strike and kick effectively

• Put together combinations of strikes

• De-escalation and avoidance to circumvent violent confrontations

• Defences against grabs and pulls

• Dealing with violent grabs, and instances where someone tries to pick you up

• Stress drills, get used to training under stress and test your decision making under stress

• Choke defences (which are an often used attack against women)

• Defences in tight spaces - liked where you’re backed up against a wall

• Defences against problems on the ground

• Recognising violence

• Understanding defensive mechanics

• Defences against knife threats

BONUS 1: VIP Member Content 
Get step by step video guides to all the techniques covered in the course and exclusive access to bonus content. Value $199

BONUS 2: Run the Gauntlet
The gauntlet is a little something we put together to test everything you've learned. Value $37

The total value of all this is $794. Why? Because this course gives you everything you need to succeed at mastering the basics of krav maga.
If all this did was show you how to fight back and feel empowered, would it be worth it?

If all this did was help you reduce the stress of worrying if you can fight off someone bigger and stronger than you, would it be worth it?

Of course it would!
Want some even better news?
I'm not going to charge you $794.



If "Fearless Fight Like A Girl" doesn't take you by the hand, and show you step-by-step you how to fight back and defend yourself effectively… or if it fails to help you learn anything of value then I'll refund your money, no questions asked!
So fill in the secure order form below now to secure your space. 

After you put in your credit card information, you'll be taken to a secure members' area where you can access "Fight Like A Girl" exclusive members content even if it's 2:00 a.m.!

Never before have you had such a unique opportunity to have me take you by the hand and help you with learning real life self defence!

Act now so you can fight back and stay safe, defend yourself effectively, and avoid panic and freezing in dangerous situations.

This entire krav maga intro course offer will be sold for $397.

This introductory price of $297 is a "Buy it NOW before it's gone" offer... so act fast!...


Venue: YMCA,
545 Don Buck Drive, Massey

Time & Dates: 2pm - 4pm 
Starts Sunday 9th August for 6 weeks

Minimum Age: 16 (13 if accompanied by an adult over 18)

Spaces Are Limited & Bookings Essential!

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Frequently Asked Questions
What results should I expect from taking this course?
The fight like a girl course is designed to give you an idea of the subject and spirit of Krav Maga. It in no way guarantees that you will be proficient in self defence.
When and where is the course?
The course is $297
 Runs for 6 weeks
Starts Thursday 23rd July

11 Killarney Street, Takapuna
What happens if I miss a session?
Each week in your members area you unlock step by step video guides for all the techniques covered, so you won’t miss any of the content, you can practise at home to catch up, and ask any questions in class the following week. 
What’s the minimum age to attend the course?
Sixteen, although if accompanied by a parent thirteen.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions
What results should I expect from taking this course?
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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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What results should I expect from taking this course?
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee
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